Laura Prepon Natural Hair Color

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If I am sleeping and someone wakes me and shouts “Laura Prepon”, the first thing I would utter would be “Oh that gorgeous Red head from That 70s show ?, what about her ?” But now, just like other hollywood actresses, Laura Prepon Plastic Surgery has kindled so much gossip and talk. I still remember as the tomboyish red head and not the new blondie look. In fact, I failed to┬árecognize┬áher in at least two instances when I saw her on TV. I know I promised I ll get more news on the Laura prepon Plastic surgery issue soon and I will definitely keep my promise but I just cannot start off without commenting about her hair… I loved all red heads in Holly wood and she just died it blonde … The pic below is probably one of the oldest pics from the 70s show when she debuted as an actress on TV Those beautiful hair locks in red ….

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Laura Prepon hair color

And then there is this look where she has died it blonde and is looking just like any other hollywood actress. She definitely has the gorgeous looks but the red locks made her stand out wherever she went.. I would definitely say. Laura, when your hair die wears off, please leave it red !

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