Laura Prepon Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

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Does anyone remember how Laura Prepon looked long ago when she first started on the 70s show ? I definitely did not and I had to search for few pictures of Laura Prepon before Plastic surgery. I managed to get a few pictures and if you compare the before and after pictures, there is really no big difference but there is definitely some discrete signs of Laura Prepon undergoing some cosmetic surgery to her face. Lets have a look at the pictures below to understand the truth.

laura prepon plastic surgery, before and after pics

The picture on the left is Laura Prepon before the surgery or if I may say, the older version of Laura Prepon. The picture on the right is Laura Prepon after Plastic surgery with the gorgeous looks and those very sweet eyes. Well, I am going to give you guys a minute to take a look at both the pictures and tell if there is any visible signs of plastic surgery on Laura Prepon’s face ? I for one couldn’t find a whole bunch of difference. The pictures probably show a very yound and a mature version of Laura Prepon. There may be few hints at surgery but the only difference I could find between the older pic and the newer pic is the nose job that Laura Prepon has had !

No no.. don’t lie to me Laura ! There is definitely a nose job there. The tip of the nose is slightly longer than it is in the older pic. This, in the world of plastic surgery is called rhinoplasty. So did Laura Prepon undergo Rhinoplasty ??  Yes Sir !! She did …

The surgery on the tip of the nose is only one of the clues. If you notice really well, the nose bridge, that is the space on the nose between the eyes is also showing slight changes The bridge used to be wider and pronounced in her older pictures. Lets take a look at another of her old pics.

laura preopn plastic surgery

laura prepon rhinoplasty

The first picture will definitely show what I mean there. The nose bridge used to be very pronounced and I guess, Laura Prepon’s rhinoplasty helped her bring the spacing down. The second picture will show you what I mean about the nose tip. Do take a look at the “Laura Prepon Plastic Surgery Before and After pictures” and the latest Laura Prepon Surgery picture. The latest pic will show a shorter nose tip while the before and after pic will show an adjustment to make pretty, prettier. We love you Laura Prepon, with or without Plastic surgery !

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